Automatically generated tags and tag clouds with Jekyll (multiple word tags allowed)

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Jekyll is a great thing, and supports tags right out of the box, but in order to get urls like in mephisto, /tags/something here, you have to either add an extension (which do exist, though I haven't tried), or generate them with the Rakefile, or however really, but I chose the Rakefile. Luckily raimonds simanovskis had already done so, but his solution didn't support tags with spaces, which I had used in mephisto, and to not break compatibility when switching, I had to edit the relevant part of his Rakefile to support tags with spaces.

So an an example post looks like this:

layout: post
title: Cloning an ISO to a USB flash drive (or anywhere) ...
syntax-highlighting: yes
- dd
- snow leopard
Oh, and Leopard too...

The original method (can be viewed in it's entire, original, unedited form here). To allow support for tags with space (which some people don't like but I do!), you have to change it so it looks like:

desc 'Generate tags pages'
task :tags  => :tag_cloud do
  puts "Generating tags..."
  require 'rubygems'
  require 'jekyll'
  include Jekyll::Filters

  options = Jekyll.configuration({})
  site =

  # Remove tags directory before regenerating

  site.tags.sort.each do |tag, posts|
    html = <<-HTML
layout: default
title: "tagged: #{tag}"
syntax-highlighting: yes
  <h1 class="title">#{tag}</h1>
    {% for post in site.posts %}
        {% for tag in post.tags %}
            {% if tag == '#[tag]'%}
                {% include post.html %}
            {% endif %}
        {% endfor %}
    {% endfor %}

    FileUtils.mkdir_p("tags/#{tag}")"tags/#{tag}/index.html", 'w+') do |file|
      file.puts html
  puts 'Done.'

Note the line if tag == "#[tag]" should be if tag == "#{tag}" but liquid 2.0 doesn't support escaping, and my ghetto method doesn't work. So just pull the entire function from github.

View my entire Rakefile @github.

tags: jekyll, rakefile
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